Final post

This is just a very brief final post to summarise  my experiences in RES7. I have to say it has been one of the most enjoyable & engaging papers I have studied so far during my time at NMIT. I really enjoy the class discussions and feel I have gained a lot of knowledge and […]

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Research & Fraud

I was going to continue my RF & Health series of posts this week with #4, but I found an intriguing article in nature. To quote the beginning of the article “More than 70% of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments, and more than half have failed to reproduce their own experiments.”  […]

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RF & Health (part 3)

To begin this weeks blog post I’m including an interesting article from May 2nd related to an Israeli television show that has been translated into English. The show was about the dangers of wireless radiation. Here’s a short quote from the article “The theme of the half-hour April 12 program titled, “How We Are Killing […]

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RF & Health (part 2)

This week I found more papers on the effects of RF on Health beginning with the following paper. New Media: Biohazard? Magical Thinking? Reframing the Debate First I looked up the author of this paper Baden Eunson, who was a lecturer a Monash University in Melbourne. He has a Masters in Environmental Science, a Diploma in […]

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RF & Health

This week for class we filled in a Google doc with an area of IT that interests us, I choose RF networking & RF exposure limits as it is something which has always interested me. RF exposure limits is also something on which I have found little information about in the past, that is until I […]

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SDR-based radar system for meteor detection a.) Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should? Yes – The abstract gave enough detail to know the paper is about using radio waves to monitor atmospheric events & detect meteors. – It explains what the authors/researchers did to conduct their research using a DAQ […]

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Academic Articles

This week for research we had to find two academic articles and post information about them in our blogs. #1  Title & Author? SDR-BASED RADAR SYSTEM FOR METEOR DETECTION Subodh Chiwate, Zejie Zhang, Kevin Mernick, Bingxin Shen, Dima Vavilov, Monica F. Bugallo, Petar M. Djuric, Michael Marx. APA Reference? Chiwate, S., Zhang, Z., Mernick, K., […]

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